Standard Fire Place Hearth Guards – Backup

Stock Fireplace Hearth Guards come in 3 sizes. They will cover up to 16″ in depth and 3 1/2″ in height. They can be easily trimmed with the knife provided  They take less than 5 minutes to install.

Be worry free. Adding Baby Safety Foam to your fireplace hearth ensures the safety of your children as they start to roam about your house. Keep your family safe with our Fireplace Hearth Guards.

Free Shipping!– Fast shipping, average delivery time is 1 week or less depending on your location!

Step 1: Choose a Size

Measure the width of your fireplace hearth to determine which size Fireplace Hearth Guard to order from the 3 sizes below

  • Small
  • Reg. Price: $89.99
  • This week only!
  • $
  • hearth_guard_reg
  • Choose this size if your hearth is up to 68″ wide
  • Medium
  • Reg. Price: $109.99
  • This week only!
  • $
  • hearth_guard_xl
  • Choose this size if your hearth is 69” -79″ wide
  • Large
  • Reg. Price: $139.99
  • This week only!
  • $
  • hearth_guard_os
  • Choose this size if your hearth is 80” -104” wide

Looking for Custom Hearth Guards instead?

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