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Child Safety House Calls Award

Child Safety House Calls – Award of Excellence 2010

“On behalf of the emergency pediatricians and staff here at Child Safety House Calls we are delighted to inform you that you have been awarded our 2010 child safety product Award of Excellence. We evaluate hundreds of safety products each year in our own homes and we were very impressed with the innovation of your product and its ease of use especially given the significance of the safety hazard it addresses. Dr. Schmidt and I see many children each week with head and face injuries related to hearths and we hope that this endorsement will help to spread the word about your product. We know of no other safety product which so completely addresses the intrinsic hazards of raised hearths and congratulate you once again.”

the birth to five book

The Birth to Five Book – Confident Childrearing Right from the Start

...”Today there are ways to fully protect your baby around home fireplaces. Custom Baby Safety Fireplace Hearth Guard is an easy-to-install foam that covers your entire hearth—not just the edges. Read about it at”…

Baby Atlas - 2005 Editor's Picks

Baby Atlas – 2005 Editor’s Picks

…” We tested this product and believe it is a must have item to protect your toddler. “…

(Click here to see Product Highlights for 2005 Brochure PDF)

AT Journal - Vol. 62 December 1, 2002

AT Journal – Vol. 62 December 1, 2002

…” Two other great new safety products to watch for are Baby Safety Foam,, a foam padding with an ultra-smooth finish that protects all members of the household from scratches, bumps, bruises and other possible injuries if an individual fell on to a fireplace hearth. “…

The Kids Directory

The Kids Directory

…” Help make your home a safer place to grow and play. Just imagine the peace of mind that you will have knowing your children will be safe from possible severe injuries by installing our custom easy-to-install Fireplace Hearth Guard that covers your entire hearth not just the edges! “…

The New Orleans Kids Directory

The New Orleans Kids Directory

…” We’ve designed an easy-to-install Custom Fireplace Hearth Guard that you can leave on your Hearth all year round even while enjoying fires. It will cover your entire fireplace hearth no matter what size or shape. “…

Super Safe Tots

Super Safe Tots

…” Most houses have fireplaces and this often means a very unforgiving hearth with sharp edges and corners. This unique product allows you to cover the entire hearth, no matter the shape or size. Costs about the same as the traditional bumper pad shape.”…


Our first radio advertisement!

…” Do you worry about your toddler falling and needing stitches? Do you want to protect your child from an unneeded hospital visit? Have you protected your child by covering your stone, brick, or potentially dangerous fireplace hearth? Baby Safety Foam is a safety foam product that is custom fitted to your specific fireplace. “…


Advertisement from the Jack Kahn Show

…” If you have a fireplace in your home with young children, then please listen to this important message. Each year many children get hurt from falls on fireplace hearths and suffer unnecessary injury. There is an answer to this problem. It is called the Baby Safety Foam Fireplace Hearth Guard. “…


(same as above but in context of radio show)

Featured on the Jack Kahn Radio Show “How to Avoid Medical Errors”.