Please note that these are just a few examples of orders we have filled in the past that our customers have assembled.  We can provide you with a custom Fireplace Hearth Guard for your home.  Simply include your hearth measurements in the order form. You can also give us a call or click on our chat button if you need assistance in measuring your hearth.



  • “Rating: 9, excellent. I’m very happy with this product. It does exactly what it says it will.”
  • “Your product is wonderful, precisely custom made and provides excellent protective cushioning for such a dangerous spot in our home. Thank you for giving me one less thing to worry about! Your service has also been outstanding, with the cover arriving at my home so quickly and all of your very helpful follow up. Many, many companies should be taking lessons from you!”
    Mitra - San Francisco
  • “I just wanted to let you know how great your product is! It not only looks beautiful, but was easy to install. Randy was such a helpful sales person, please tell him thanks. After installing it we had a Washington State inspector in the home and she was so impressed that she took down your website to pass it along.”
    Eudora O'Larey of Our House Adult Family Home
  • “We’ve had our hearth cover for 1.5 years and has been a great investment! My two-year old fell backward and hit her head smack on the corner. I think my husband just about had a heart attack but our daughter was completely fine, didn’t even cry. Also appreciate the great customer service – our hearth was on the smaller size and we received a discount on the cost of the cover. Thank you for a great product!”
    Bridget W. - Denver, CO
  • “Our hearth guard is now 8 years old…I have yet to remove it now that my youngest child is 5! I know that they day I remove it, someone will immediately bonk their heads on the hearth! Just wanted to say what a great quality product…well made and is still in great shape, even with 4 kiddos!”
    Kim Thiessus - Winnipeh, MB
  • “I wanted to tell you that I have had your product installed a little over a year now and it is a blessing that was one of the best purchases that we made. Thank you for having such a great product available. I already sent you a testimonial that is on your site but I just had to let you know that your product is the best that I could find for the purpose. Nothing else comes close. The quality of the design and product serves the purpose A++++++!!!! Thanks again for keeping my little one safe and making a wonderful product that looks great in our home!”
    Ann - NY, USA
  • “I just wanted to say thank you & let you know how much I appreciate your company & the services provided. What a considerate way to do business… I assembled my cover this weekend & it looks great! My husband was shocked that it “looks so good, it totally blends in.” I have no reservations in recommending BabySafetyFoam in the future.”
  • “Our fireplace guard is about five years old and is still in great shape! We know it has saved us from at least a dozen trips to the ER. It has held up superbly despite the wear and tear from two boys and all of their toys. I have recommended your product to many other families to safe guard their children. Thank you for creating such an adaptable and lasting child safety product!”
    Mary - Pennsylvania
  • “Thank you soooo much for a wonderful solution to make safe my son’s fireplace hearth. Both little grandsons will be much better off with your product installed which I did myself in minutes! You thought of everything and were very quick in filling the order, I am very grateful. Reid’s and Ryan’s visiting grandmother Susan.”
    Reverend Susan McKeon - Grand Junction, CO
  • “My son enjoys climbing on our hearth. With the foam in place, I no longer have to worry about him getting hurt if he falls. The foam looks great in the room – it blends right in. I was able to install the foam during nap time with no trouble. I will definitely recommend to everyone I know. The price was also very reasonable, and the amount of time from order to delivery was outstanding.”
    Michelle - Troy, MI
  • “Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the product. Just days after covering it, he slipped and hit his head on the bottom corner of the hearth, an area that would not have been covered with out your product. There are so many ways a baby can fall and hit the wrong way, I am so glad to be able to cover it completely. Thanks!”
    Danielle Bermudez
  • “Hi There, We would like to thank you for your product!! As with any other baby ours was only interested in heading straight to the hearth causing us to run over to her each time. Now we have such a peace of mind knowing that there is no way she is going to get hurt. What a relief! We love the way it completely encases the hearth so there are no sharp edges or exposed bricks in the front. We knew there had to be something better out there than the “normal” baby proofing items for the hearth and we are so happy that we came across you site. Thanks again!!! It couldn’t have come at a better time too since our 9 month old is now crawling, climbing and pulling up on everything but most of all the hearth. Since it is now safe she likes to pull up on it and play with her toys like it’s her personal area…”
    Farra Cirignano - Concord, MA
  • “It worked out great! The customer was really happy and so were we. I think its the best way going to properly protect your fireplace. If you like you can quote me on that. We are the first baby proofing company in the history of baby proofing.
    We’ll be in touch soon.”
    Daryl - Simi Valley, CA
  • “We are going to really enjoy this product. It’s attractive and it was very easy to install. The pieces fit perfectly. I highly recommend this product to other owners of brick hearths who wish to protect small children.”
    Jay Devers - Ankeny, IA
  • “Hi. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the baby safety foam that I ordered. With the uneven limestone of our fireplace, we could not adhere any of the other products out on the market. I had made a suitable cover for the hearth out of blankets, but then I found your product online… the foam stays in place better and looks so much nicer! The assembly was easy too. My husband was pleasantly surprised by the results as well. We will gladly spread the word about your product.
    I noticed that you don’t have any before/after pictures with a limestone fireplace, so I have attached some if you wish to use them for your collection. And of course, I had to include a picture of our 11 month old daughter enjoying the foam. :)”
    Robin - Hempstead, TX