The Birth to Five Book – Confident Childrearing Right from the Start by Brenda Nixon

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…”Inspect your baby’s toys to insure they are lightweight, washable, and have no sharp edges that could slice tender gums. Beware of rummage sale finds as older toys may not pass today’s safety standards of lead-free paints. Older clothes may not be flame retardant.

Get into the habit now of turning pot handles in toward the middle of your stove; place guards over heaters and in front of fireplaces; and keep hot liquids away from the table’s edge. I know a baby girl who was rushed to the emergency room after pulling the tablecloth and dumping Mom’s scalding coffee down onto her face. Burns send thousands of tots to the hospital every year because their thinner skin is more vulnerable to scalding than that of older kids and adults.

Today there are ways to fully protect your baby around home fireplaces. Custom Baby Safety Fireplace Hearth Guard is an easy-to-install foam that covers your entire hearth—not just the edges. Read about it at

There are over twenty free PDF and HTML brochures on safety proofing available to you from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at Several brochures are translated into Spanish too.”…