For peace of mind order your Baby Safety Fireplace Hearth Guard Pad now to protect your children, because Emergency Room visits are stressful, painful and expensive.

Fireplace Hearth Guard

Buy Your New Baby Safety Custom Fireplace Hearth Guard Now!
Each year many children get hurt from nasty falls on fireplace hearths. Fireplace accidents occur too frequently to be overlooked by safety-conscious parents. Don’t let your child become the next statistic. Help make your home a safer place to grow and play. Just imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing your children will be safe from severe hearth injuries by installing our easy-to-install Custom Fireplace Hearth Guard that covers your entire hearth, not just the edges!

Be worry free. Adding Baby Safety Foam to your fireplace hearth ensures the safety of your children as they start to roam about your house. Keep your family safe with our Fireplace Hearth Guards.

All orders are custom made to your specific measurements. It will cover your entire fireplace hearth no matter what size or shape.

The Fireplace Hearth Guard can be used to cover any surface: brick, marble, stone, slate, granite and tile.

Fireplace Hearth Guard Prices

  • Mini
  • Reg. Price: $109.95
  • This week only!
  • $
  • hearth_guard_reg
  • Choose this size if your hearth is up to 59″ wide.
  • Small
  • Reg. Price: $139.95
  • This week only!
  • $
  • hearth_guard_reg
  • Choose this size if your hearth is 60″ – 79″ wide.
  • Medium
  • Reg. Price: $159.95
  • This week only!
  • $
  • hearth_guard_xl
  • Choose this size if your hearth is 79″ – 118″ wide.
  • Large
  • Reg. Price: $189.95
  • This week only!
  • $
  • hearth_guard_os
  • Choose this size if your hearth is 118″ – 158″ wide.
  • XL
  • Reg. Price: $239.95
  • This week only!
  • $
  • hearth_guard_sos
  • Choose this size if your hearth is 158″ – 198″ wide.

The safest, most cost-effective product on the market.


  • Easy, simple installation
  • Fits easily over any size, style or shape fireplace hearth
  • Stays on your fireplace hearth all year round
  • Can be used on a hearth with or without a screen
  • Provides extra seating for guests
  • No sticky tape to deal with
  • Guaranteed to fit or we will replace it for free.
  • Extremely durable, Non-toxic
  • Custom sized to fit your hearth
  • Covers entire hearth surface (not just the edges)
  • Can be removed at anytime by an adult without damaging your fireplace hearth or the cover

Baby Safety Foam is Award Winning and Expert Approved

What our Happy Parents Say

  • “We’ve had our hearth cover for 1.5 years and has been a great investment!  My two-year old fell backward and hit her head smack on the corner.  I think my husband just about had a heart attack but our daughter was completely fine, didn’t even cry.  Also appreciate the great customer service – our hearth was on the smaller size and we received a discount on the cost of the cover.  Thank you for a great product!”
    Bridget W.
    Denver, Colorado
  • “A few weeks ago, my baby fell down and barely missed cracking her head on our hearth, then I started looking for some way to protect her. For the time being I laid a thick comforter over the hearth. I began my search for the right product. I didn’t like the guards that fit just over the corners, what use is that? Then I found this website. I placed my order and couldn’t wait to get it! It only took about 15 minutes to install and it fits very well, very easy to install. I feel safe letting my baby roam the living room now, and the Baby Safety Foam hearth cover looks so much better than the comforter we had laying up there to protect her!”
    Mellisia Casey
    Jones, MI
  • “Your product is wonderful, precisely custom made and provides excellent protective cushioning for such a dangerous spot in our home.  Thank you for giving me one less thing to worry about!  Your service has also been outstanding, with the cover arriving at my home so quickly and all of your very helpful follow up.  Many, many companies should be taking lessons from you!”
    San Francisco
  • Our hearth guard is now 8 years old…I have yet to remove it now that my youngest child is 5! I know that they day I remove it, someone will immediately bonk their heads on the hearth! Just wanted to say what a great quality product…well made and is still in great shape, even with 4 kiddos!
    Kim Thiesses
    Satisfied customer in Winnipeg, MB
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